Avella Business Expo: Saturday February 24 2018 ( 11AM – 2PM )

The initial community center event is the Avella Business Expo on Saturday February ( 11AM – 2PM ).

48 Vendors will be show casing their businesses at the Expo. There currently are no spots left for vendors. In the case of a cancellation, please call 724.587.3518 if you would like to participate in the business expo.

Area Residents — Come to the business expo and find out who’s who in the community and can help with your projects, from quilting to plumbing. A great opportunity to network with community businesses and neighbors!

Athletic, Educational and Cultural Events for the Community

The Independence Township Community Center Board is looking at many cultural, educational and athletic events to be held at the community center. Activities for all ages and interests are being investigated. Have an interest or want to teach a class, let us know through the township office.

Currently scheduled events are listed below.

The board is excited about the breadth of activities that can be offered at the Community Center and invites all township residents to join in the fun.